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Full Version: Buying Amazon Order Numbers.
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If anyone still has some that they would like to sell,
PM Me, I will buy them.
I am sorry if this sounds a bit stoopid...
But why would you need an order nr ?
(04-24-2012, 02:30 PM)Spiniox Wrote: [ -> ]I am sorry if this sounds a bit stoopid...
But why would you need an order nr ?

Because they want to take advantage or Amazon and steal products that they never paid for.
Once they have an order number, they can simply call Amazon's terrible customer service (terrible for how lax their security is) and have free replace orders sent to another address (their address) in your name.
There are also cases where these scammers have requested a refund for an order on your account... this sounds nice, you're getting money back on your credit card and you still get to keep your products; the down-side is that doing this will make your account look suspicious and if you actually have to ask for a refund or order a replacement product in the future, Amazon might say "no, you appear to be a scammer sir/madam".

I hope, if nothing else, Amazon tightens their security because of this.
Best case, send the police to these scammer's homes... most of who hopefully gave their real addresses so that they'd get their products Smile
who let this person get in?
ummmm, have anyone key for Portal 2 PotatOS Science Kit?
You need address's also don't you?
(04-10-2013, 01:27 AM)Serb Wrote: [ -> ]You need address's also don't you?

yeah you do need address,email address, and name on the account from which order was placed as far as i know!
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