Forum Announcement: Marketplace Rules - REVIEW BEFORE USING MARKET
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    12-29-2014, 01:20 PM
    These new guideline and rules are effective immediately as of December 29th, 2014. These rules and guidelines are put in place to help protect both the buyers and sellers of this forum, and to improve your trading experience through the use of our marketplace. Please note that the staff are in no way, shape or form responsible for any deals. All deals are done at your own risk. If you do have a problem with a deal you have done and can not reach a resolution privately, please make a thread in this forum and staff will intervene where possible. Please review the sticky in that section before creating a thread.

    Buyers & Sellers

    • Absolutely no credit card fraud, or bank fraud allowed. Same applies to PayPal, eBay and other services.
    • Paypal fund holders are not allowed as it is considered money laundering, and can jepradise a users' account.
    • If you have an ongoing scam report open against you use of the marketplace is revoked and any attempt to use the marketplace will result in disciplinary action, such as warnings. Further violation will result in bans being issued against your account.


    • You will not chargeback without first opening a deal dispute and confirming with staff.
    • Any attempt to manipulate a seller will result in disciplinary action
    • You will not sales trash unless you have proof of inadequate service/item


    • In order to sell you must be a member for at least a month
    • In order to sell a method you must first get it verified by staff by posting it in the legendary section
    • Unless otherwise approved by staff, only methods that teach the SE'ing of a physical item may be sold
    • Normal sellers may only take up to 5 orders at a time
    • Donators who are elite or above may take up to 10 orders at a time
    • If it is found that a seller surpasses these limits, disciplinary action will be taken
    • An order is an item sold. So say @Jon Snow wants 5 keurigs, the seller will then have 5 ongoing orders
    • Confirmed sellers are allowed unlimited orders
    • You must send the buyer EXACTLY what is described
    • You cannot sell banned items or services
    • Any attempt to manipulate a buyer will result in disciplinary action
    • Don't use manipulative 'Terms of Services' or word your thread in attempts to circulate these rules or 'deceive' buyers.

    Additionally each member and their participation in the marketplace are subject to any actions by staff even if not listed. If you're found to be a sketchy or unreliable seller your posting permissions will be removed permanently for the marketplace section. We will not hesitate to do this, as mentioned we are trying our best to make this a safe marketplace and trading experience.

    General safe trading tips

    • Always do your research on a user before dealing with them. If something sounds too good to be true, chances are, it is. Additionally should you be worried we highly recommend using a Middleman or the seller going first (Within reason). If the use of a Middleman is refused by a seller, then ask yourself why? Chances are they've something to hide.
    • Check their username on other forums too, and search their Skype in the search bar. Have they posted it before, maybe on a previously banned account for scamming?
    • Always receive a PM confirmation if using chat communications such as Skype, and save all communications for future problems should be arise. Beware of people impersonating other users. This is why we recommend using the PM system only. Slower, but safer.
    • Make sure that the seller is able to handle to orders you request

    Confirmed Sellers

    • A confirmed seller is a member who consistently provides a quality service and therefore has been vouched for by staff
    • To become a confirmed seller you must be vouched for by a staff member