Secondary Physical Goods
This forum is for physical products only, whether that be in hand, reship or being social engineered. If you wish to sell virtual items, please use the forum below.
Rules and Information
1. No selling virtual items (methods, serials, accounts, etc.) in this forum.
2. No buying physical items in this forum.
3. You may only bump your thread once per day.
4. Absolutely no credit card fraud, or bank fraud allowed.
5. In order to sell you must be a member for at least a month.
6. Normal sellers may only take up to 5 orders at a time.
7. Do not sales trash unless you have proof of inadequate service/item.
8. If you have an ongoing scam report open against you use of the marketplace is revoked and any attempt to use the marketplace will result in disciplinary action, such as warnings. Further violation will result in bans being issued against your account.