My Awards
Name Description Award
Prime For members who upgrade to the Prime usergroup. Prime
Contributor For members who have been accepted into the Contributor usergroup. Contributor
Veteran This is for people who have been a member for at least 2 years. Veteran
Old School For those who joined before December 2014. Old School
Confirmed Seller For those who have been deemed a confirmed seller and constantly provide high quality services to buyers. Confirmed Seller
Businessman Members with this award have made many transactions and are trusted by staff. Businessman
Staff This award indicates that a member is Staff. Staff
Ex-Staff Retired staff members get this award. Your hard work is greatly appreciated. Ex-Staff
Social Engineer This is for those who have shown lots of experience SE'ing. Social Engineer
Artist For members who have been accepted into the Artist usergroup. Artist
Legendary For members who have been accepted into the Legendary usergroup. Legendary
Donator Only Donator members get this sexy award. Donator
MOTM Awarded to winners of the Member of the Month Contest. MOTM
Helper Constantly helps members around the forum. Helper
GFX Artist Given to members who have created or suggested a graphic worthy of being displayed on GFX Artist
Bitcoinage This award goes to members who donate $50 BTC to We appreciate your support! PM Defcon to buy this. Bitcoinage
Bragger For those who love to brag. Make at least three threads in the Bragging Rights forum that equal out to $1k with emails/proof. Bragger
2K Earn this award by reaching 2k posts. 2K
Mentor Those deemed worthy of becoming a Mentor. Mentor
Cracker Given to those who prove they know how to crack. Cracker
Grammar Nazi You must have excellent grammar in your posts to achieve this award. Grammar Nazi
Genius Someone who contributes good ideas to the forum that staff implement. Genius
The Gifter Award Any user can buy this gift for another user for $10. PM Defcon to purchase this. The Gifter Award
Investigator Someone who reports a lot of things, is always suspicious, and looks into sketchy people often. Investigator
Librarian For sharing 20 methods in any section. Librarian
BRAVE KNIGHT For someone who defends against evil, foreign forums, and foils plots to start new forums, or stops members from trying to get in and ruin BRAVE KNIGHT
Make It Rain You can also purchase it for $10 by sending Defcon a private message. Make It Rain
Just Got Paid You can also purchase it for $10 by sending Defcon a private message. Just Got Paid
Clothes Refunder For those who refund at least $2k worth of clothes and post proof. Clothes Refunder
Gambling Machine Someone who gambles a lot of money. It can be BTC gambling, sports betting, or whatever people prefer. You must show proof. Gambling Machine
Relax, it's FedEx Someone who's shipclaimed FedEx a lot. You must show proof. Relax, it's FedEx