Beginner's Guide to CPA
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Beginner's Guide to CPA
Made this awhile ago on a different forum and decided to share it here. I've had plenty of experience in CPA, however, I wouldn't specifically call myself a "professional" on the subject. More so, equipped with an adequate amount of knowledge on it.

I can answer any questions on the thread or via PM if you guys would like. I am currently not earning from CPA since I stopped watching over all my old niches and they have more and less died by now, if not taken down already.

Some payment proof from the CPA network I used 100% of the time. I did branch out but honestly, I have no idea what they were nor do I remember my login lol. I did make $100 on Sharecash though, but that's PPD not CPA.

I haven't seen much people on here talk about CPA / PPD but when I do I always get the same response as, "I've tried it and it never worked out." Well I'll write you a little tutorial on how to do so. 

Do note, this is probably the same exact thing you've been reading. Well guess what? It actually works, you just have to actually understand what you're doing. 

In 2013 I was a freshmen or sophomore in high school (for sure an underclassman though). I literally had almost all the time in the world. None of my extracurricular activities took too much time out of me, and my schoolwork was made for people who have half a brain. (Except for my AP World class but that shit was so easy it was basic common sense.) I spent hours on hours working on my CPA projects. Look where it got me. First month of starting with AWM I made $36. Not bad, I made the minimum. Spent a little more time on my niches, and I easily made $150 in one month of just watching my traffic grow where I promoted it. 

From the first payment proof of 2016 to the last, I've been crazy busy. It was my senior year of high school in the last semester and then it was my firs semester of college as an undergraduate. It probably wouldn't have been so hard if I weren't a science major but whatever that's not the point. The point is, when I dedicated my time, it came out alright. When I didn't, I made the cut off yeah, but I know I could've done better. 

Spoiler: The General CPA Method
What you should have:
- A domain + hosting (There's a sale for $0.85 .pw domains right now and hosting can go as cheap as $0.99 a month. There's also a lot of New Year deals going around like on GoDaddy last time I checked.)

- A Youtube account (It can be recent, however the older it is the more chance you have of it NOT getting banned and your videos WON'T get removed.) *Optional

- A Facebook account (Recommend having some friends on here but that doesn't matter right now. You can always just randomly add people day by day. Don't add too much at once or else Facebook will flag your account. Facebook bots might also be nice. Joining groups based on your niche might be nice too.)

- A CPA account (Adworkmedia, CPAGrip, etc are all good. If you want, you can use my referral link for Adworkmedia and I can offer more assistance via Skype if you do so and get accepted.)

- Some spending money. (You don't need a lot. I honestly made a good amount without any investment, but I made a whole of a lot more with an investment. I went from making $30 a month to making $150 in a week's worth of sitting and just making sure traffic was going steady)

A few notes:
- THIS IS NOT AN INSTANT MONEY MAKER. So many people are told you'll make a fortune with this, and they aren't wrong, but you won't make it the day you set it up, and you might not even make the money a week from when you set it up. PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE. It takes time. You are relying on people to view YOUR niche. A good basis of SEO is a great tool to have. If you stop trying to tweak your niche, it'll stop growing - it's like a damn plant. Don't water the plant, it dies. Unless it's a cactus .. but it's not.

- YOU HAVE TO CHECK UP ON IT AT LEAST AN HOUR EVERY DAY. Yes, it sucks. Putting in a lot of effort with a chance of making nothing. But honestly, you get what you put out. It's kind of like a girl. You can give the girl a hell of a lot of effort, but she still might turn her back on you. So you go and find another girl, and this one actually works out. It sucks, but in the end you're a lot richer than you were before (by this I mean more of the CPA tutorial part, not the girl analogy but it works too.)

- BE UNIQUE. Less unique = more competition, simple. Think of it like this. You're an only child. You get all the attention, etc. 3 years later you get a baby brother/sister, whatever one you want. Now the attention is split. Now to put it into CPA-sense; The only child becomes your niche. Everyone who wants whatever you're giving out goes to you for it. You make bank. The 3 year old sibling, or your competition comes and steals part of the attention. Now there's a divide. But wouldn't it be pretty dope if it were just you? Point is, competition will come no matter what. It's basically inevitable if someone else sees it as a profitable niche. But if you are the first one with that niche, you aren't losing at all. You've established your niche, you've established a "fan base" and a social platform, etc. You have the upperhand.

So first thing is first, figure out your target audience. This is one of the best things CPA offers that PPD doesn't - you get to choose what offers to promote and how much each one is worth. Now let's look.

I mainly look at these for deciding what country to target as well as if I went to target mobile devices or computers. 

Things to Note:
- France / Austrailia / Austria / Luxemborg / Belgium / Germany / Netherlands = $$$ (These pay $10.00+ per offer completed .. actually some pay upwards to $20 per offer)

---> WOW THAT'S GREAT! I agree, it is pretty great. If you want to target these, then get a niche that does. 

Anyways, I almost always focus on email submits. My niches are very general and attract a large group of people so earning about $1.00 - $2.00 for every email submitted, well that's just easy work. (If you're planning on focusing countries such as UK / CA / US, I recommend choosing email submits. They are like the countries above .. but for email submits.) Side note: if you do the pin submits, remember, they actually charge the person so it'll probably be a lot harder to get them to fall for it .. but it's not impossible.

Second on the list, you're going to want a niche. What is a niche? This is basically your product you are promoting. What could this be? Simple. It could be ..
  • Free Netflix / Hulu / Spotify / etc accounts
  • Warez (serial codes / cracked software / etc)
  • Free eBooks (whether they are leaks, or what, etc)
  • Fake games / game betas (pretty unethical but just don't RAT them, etc. At least be nice to the person who's making money for you lol)
  • Movies / TV Show streams
  • Livestreams of sports
  • Maybe free website templates, etc
  • Whatever will get someone to click on your link and go, "Ooh, I want this." will do.
BUT HELP! I can't think of anything!
- Still stumped? Don't sweat, it but also start thinking out of the box. It honestly will help in the long run. For now, I'll give you some places to grab some niches. You know, they can still earn you a good amount of money ~ You should also look into the amount of competition your keyword (niche) gets as well as the amount of organic traffic it receives from a search engine. What do I mean by this? Well basically, let's say I was trying to get people to download an Xbox Live generator. My niche would be an Xbox Live generator. My keywords would be Xbox live, Xbox live generator, free xbox live, Microsoft, Xbox, Xbox One, etc. So with that being said, let's go ahead and take a look at the actual traffic and competition of this keyword. We can do this by using this website : It doesn't give a lot of information because most programs that do are paid programs. This will give us a better picture on what keywords to focus on. Now Xbox, Microsoft, and Xbox Live are the larger of the keywords however those are probably the most competitive and just because someone searches "Xbox" or "Microsoft" doesn't mean they're looking for free Xbox Live codes. So now that we see "Free Xbox Live" has more hits than "Xbox Live Generator" it's safe to say you can focus on that keyword, but don't forget about the others. Each one will bring you traffic, you just have to think about which one you want people searching and seeing your website.

So now, it's time to get started. Start by getting your domain and hosting. A simple/basic hosting plan is enough. The domain is important, it needs to match your niche. For example, "" Notice how it has the actual keyword in the domain? Good, because you should and if you don't try harder, I believe in you. Set your nameservers to your host and we can now work on the landing page.

Wordpress is nice to use, however I find it pretty unnecessary. You can make a great HTML landing page with the help of Google, so we're going to go this route.

Download Notepad ++ (Just Google it and download it off it's official website.) Any other editor will do but I mean don't try getting Dreamweaver for something like this. Unless you really want to have some huge, parallax web page will multiple pages, etc, etc. Presentation does matter, but you don't always have to be extra, you just have to be good. 
Now, we need a template. Here are a few websites I used to use. When choosing the right template look for thing such as ..
  • Responsiveness : this basically means that it has a mobile look to it and can be used on multiple devices so your viewers won't have to deal with the struggle of looking at a whole web page on a small phone.
  • The overall look : It's always nice to have a nice look to everything, but remember think about your niche. If your niche is something about live streaming a sport, then look for a template that's made for streaming and movies and etc
  • Customization : Make sure you choose a template that allows for a good amount of customization, and something that you can understand. 
Things to possibly add to your template ..
  • Virus scans - if you're giving out a free generator, that isn't a virus but doesn't actually work, people are going to assume it's a virus. Having a fake virus scan appear on the website can gain you a lot of trust, or even an HTML report of a Vrustotal scan would be fine. Although this javascript one is fine.
  • Testimonials - this is basic knowledge. I mean would you buy something from someone on eBay who has 0 reputation or someone who has 900 reputation? Put some fake testimonials somewhere on your landing page. 
  • Social locker - this will play a larger role with the promotion part but it can really work well because of social signals (I'll go more into detail with this later)
  • Fake screenshots - depending on you niche you can add fake screenshots. A picture of a fake generator that looks like it is working, a picture from the TV show or movie, etc
When you finish all this, don't forget to add your CPA code! I recommend adding it "onClick" of a button instead of right when the website loads so they actually read your content. Unless it's like 2 pages where your home page is there and then they click "Generator" to go to a generator, etc.

Moving on ...
Now you have your website set up, pretty dope huh? But you aren't done with it just yet. Now, it's time for SEO.
SEO stands for social engine optimization. You need to do this in order for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc to find your website and index it. Imagine all the idiots who type in something like, "Free Xbox Live Codes." Out of all that organic traffic from JUST a search engine how many of them would end up completing the email submit. In fact let's go ahead and do a little research.
Typing "Free Xbox Live Codes" in Google I get as the first result. checking the amount of total visits: 34.6k This means that 34,600 people visit this site (I'm pretty sure this was from November 2016 only as well) 
Most of the traffic comes from the USA. Email submits are about $1.00 per completion and there is about let's say a 10% crediting rate. So out of all those people, 10% of the offers converted and each offer is worth $1.00. 

So how did he get it? There's a lot of ways, and this is where the money comes in. But first, we'll go over some basics.
First, get your site check up. These websites will help you improve your "SEO score" for the search engines and tell you what you should do. They usually say things such as, bold your keyword, add alt's to images, etc.

Now that you've gotten that cleared up ..
- Backlinks : Backlinks are basically links that link back to your website. For example, if linked to your website that would boost your site ranking because has a high PR. If a website with low PR links to you, you get affected negatively. So don't use backlink generators.

- High PR : High page ranking.

- Gov and Edu : If you get these backlinks (usually purchased like on sites like Fiverr) your PR will increase.

- Social Signals : Basically social media for your website. That's why I recommend Facebook because it's easier to grow, but honestly most social media will work fine. The more the merrier.

- Traffic : people who view your website

Out of all of these, I personally think HQ backlinks and HQ traffic are the top things to focus on. Social shares are good, but those are easier to get than the other two. This is where the money comes in. Personally I get all this on Fiverr, so feel free to go ahead and go there. Now if you don't want to spend money, you can try programs such as GSA, etc however I never really got into that stuff so I can't help you there. Google is a great place to go though, lol. 

Anyways, so whatever you choose to do, in the end, you have an optimized website and a niche. 

If you chose not to go and use Youtube, then skip this. If you are going to use Youtube feel free. 

If the Youtube account isn't old, that's fine. It just has a higher chance of getting removed / banned. Anyways, for your video I do recommend making it yourself. Like if you're going to use a cracked game, actually download the cracked game or buy it even, or find someone running the game and use a little bit of that video to make it look legit. If you're going to use an XBL generator, get a working code, put it into the program, and run it. Use the code to verify it's legit and your video is golden. DO, DO, DO add a watermark. Voiceovers are good too, but that's not necessary. 

If you are going to steal a video using sites like DO NOT just upload it straight after downloading. The MD5 hashes will appear the same and have a higher chance of getting it removed. Edit the video by either deleting a few seconds or adding a few seconds, or even adding a watermark to yours.

For your description, make it relevant to your niche. This will help with SEO as well. Don't forget to add tags as well. I recommend using a site such as to get your keywords. 

Once you've gotten that down, we can leave it as is. You will be boosting it shortly but not just yet. 

Now its time for the Facebook account. Your persona on there doesn't really matter. In all honesty you just need it to make a Facebook page. Having friends on there makes it easier because you can create groups with them or you can get them to like your page .. or both. This mainly for my other method which I will go over shortly later on.

Again for this part I recommend having some money for Facebook Ads. It is a great way to target your audience exactly and get them to go to your website. It's also a great way to communicate with them as well as offer "support." Now when making a Facebook page you're going to want a custom URL for it. For example, here's one of my old niches I used awhile ago.
You can tell from just the URL what my niche was, and that's what you need for Google to even rank this Facebook page (It's ranked #8 on the first page I believe)

Once done with setting up the page, add some pictures and what not. Make it look like you actually care and that your content is your content and it really works. Boosting this page before buying ads is also a good idea.

Anyways, once you are done with that, you can buy a Facebook ad. When purchasing one it asks you for things such as age you want to target, gender, country, interests, etc and it will tell you how many people would technically be reached per day. So if you had a niche such as a free gaming laptop you would want to focus on both genders, anywhere, probably between the ages of 17 - 20ish at the most (I mean younger kids and older people are interested too but it's whatever you want) and with interests in computers, electronics, specific high-end games, etc. 

So what now? Everyday you promote. I focus on social signals here, assuming you purchased HQ backlinks and traffic. Join pages, send mass messages to people who would be interested in what you are promoting, etc. Those Facebook / other social media bots are real life savers when it comes to this. The more you promote, the higher the chance someone will see your link, click it, and complete an offer. 

More techniques are a'coming.
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RE: Beginner's Guide to CPA
Good read, thanks for posting! I am just learning CPA and I hope I am not too late to jump in
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